Tummy time!

My 3 month old hates being on her tummy and I'm worried that this will delay her neck muscle development. She can hold her head whilst being cuddled but not when in a bouncer or bumbo seat etc.

Hi Clare Carroll,
It is a very important part of your child's development to have tummy time because as you know this does develop her neck muscles. Slowly build up the time over the weeks, starting with just one minute and then keep adding to it. Remember, it is easier for her to hold her neck up when being cuddled, as you are supporting most of her back, but if she is in the bouncer for a long time and then in a bumper seat, she may cry because there is just not enough support, so you'll find she will drop her head forward and cry.

She's too young to be in the bumper seat without strengthening her neck muscles; but if you mean a bouncer seat, then that's ok because it is reclined. However, if you mean a bouncer swing, then, yet again, it's the same scenario as the bumper seat.

Do encourage her to reach out for things on her tummy and lay on the floor with her so you are face-to-face and distract her with visual and audio stimuli. So, get going! On the floor you go. It's all about hands-on parenting.

Good luck,

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