This month, we're switching up The Baby Diaries and instead, focusing on how new mom Lauren is doing. We checked in with her during a particularly cold and snowy week to see how she was handling cabin fever and feelings of guilt when she does manage to sneak out of the house to run errands.

I'm still not getting out much with the girls, it is now flu season and I am taking every precaution to keep us ALL healthy! Staying home all the time is becoming a little frustrating for me, as I used to be a very active person, don't get me wrong the girls are keeping me plenty busy here though.

There are times when I wish I could just run out to the store, but know I can't until I have someone here to watch them, and even then I feel guilty about leaving three little babies in the hands of someone else. As they are getting older they are not napping as much during the day, which also makes it more difficult to leave them with someone. It is hard at times but I usually handle it pretty well, as I have come to accept that this is my life and my girls are more important than anything I could be doing!

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