In my book Toddler Rules there are 3 types = Mock, Situational, Emotional. Dealing with tantrums really begins with understanding what they are and why they occur. In the early years of toddlerhood, we see children as young as 18 months show great displays of physical emotion through sometimes public outrage, for some that maybe just a high pitched scream but for others a complete melt down of legs and arms wailing. Never received well by parents as it can be quite shocking the first time seen, parents first need is to want to control such behavior and this is when the behavior becomes taught by either the tantrum being pacified by giving in to what the child wants or by intimated the child into surrendering such outlandish behavior. As explained in my book Toddler Rules their are 3 types of tantrums and when we can understand which one is being shown we can in return respond to such behavior as a learning curb to either address the “Mock” behavior, set up expectations for a “Situational” tantrum or get to the root of an “Emotional” tantrum all of which shows itself through secondary behavior in a child.



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