Screen-Shot-2015-07-07-at-11.38.45-PMJo Frost travels across the country answering the calls for help from parents and families who are in need of a change in their family dynamic.
Jo (and viewers) meet a family through their submission video. We learn about the tough situations, out of control behaviors and desperation these parents face when dealing with their children. The video propels Jo into action. Arriving at the family’s home in her Supernanny taxi, she settles in to assess the situation for herself. What Jo and viewers witness is an all-access pass into every tantrum and time out, meltdown and maddening moment in parenthood. These are parents at their wit’s end, about to unravel. Jo then moves from observing time to all out action, identifying each problem and sharing with parents how to best correct it by changing their thinking and employing her tried-and-true rules and techniques. After teaching, Jo meticulously watches parents put into practice everything she’s taught them.  When the parents have gained a bit of confidence in the techniques, Jo lets the family try their newly learned methodologies on their own for a few days. During the revisit, we get to see the video footage of the triumphs each family goes through when applying Jo’s teachings on their own. We see the parents’ attitudes change, the family dynamic shift, and a sense of calm wash over the entire household. Over the course of one episode, Jo has changed lives and futures of families who were at the end of their rope. For viewers, she has taught them it is possible to improve family situations and behaviors by following her techniques and advice. After one hour of having Jo Frost in your home, the future begins to look a little brighter for everyone. Supernanny airs on UpTV.

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