Summer’s End

The end of summer is here. We have thoroughly enjoyed this summer and really tried to max out our outdoor playtime. The summer has been filled with splash pads, pools, the zoo, vacation, parks, picnics and hikes. It almost makes me exhausted to think about it all.

The older girls are really playing together a lot lately. Their imaginations are wild, but purely magical to watch. I would say that they are both more confident at the parks and pools now. Skyla is quite clumsy but she is by far the toughest in our family. Telsche did amazing at her first trip to the eye doctor, and her first time at the dentist. I was so proud of her. Skyla had her first haircut too. She has such beautiful blonde soft hair.

Telsche is starting junior kindergarden this month. She is so excited. We have been pretending around the house with her backpack and lunch bag. That way she can get used to opening and closing the bag and lunch containers. We also have been having her put on/take off her shoes as much as possible. I have given them a few in house picnics with all the items packed in her lunch containers. Although the teachers will help them, I want her to be able to do it herself. Grandma has bought her a few pre-school learning books that we have been practicing in. She can spell her name and is working on writing it. We are also still working on her remembering our phone number. Just because I like to be extra cautious, we have also taken her up to her new school and showed her the outside boundaries for recess time. Just to be safe.

Skyla is starting pre-school this month. The same pre-school Telsche went to last year. We love the teachers and environment there. I am not worried about her at all, I think she will just love it. She will go one morning a week for now. She was on a great kick of going to the potty. I know, how exciting, but it has faded for now. The girls are on opposite days at school, so that I can have some alone time with each of them when they are not at school.

Hannah is thriving. She is so big and smiley. One look at her button cute face and you can’t help but smile at her. I have no doubt that she will be rolling over this month and grasping at toys.  This is a picture of us on one of our many hikes behind our house. Hannah is in the sling in the back with me.

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