Stepmom Struggles (Fake Cry)

As a step parent we want acceptance; we want to build our relationship with our additional family. Sometimes that doesn’t always work on our timing. Depending on the kids’ age, it can certainly take a bit longer than what we thought, but you get what you put in. When children are older they can communicate more effectively with you, and you can find out about their interests, join in on their world, connect with them on their level, share your interest in what you are interested in and that gives them an opportunity to get involved in your world, too. With toddlers, you have been given information from your partner, but, uniquely, you are developing your own relationship with your child. What is most important is not to compromise what you know is right so you can do your best for that child. If they don’t like something, like the swings, then you can go over to the slide. When it is something that is in their best interest, then following through is what will ultimately gain their respect. This way you will not end up in a power play struggle with your little one. Think of the long term, and think of the above with confidence and the whole family will be happier.

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