Starting fresh for the New Year

Instead of Burning Questions for this month, I want to share with you a great way to kick off the New Year: The Four Ds. They will help keep you and your family organized, clutter-free, and, most importantly, starting fresh for the New Year. X Jo

We are all faced with loads of tasks every day. Endless items to check off a To Do list, calendars full of appointments, meetings, after school activities, events, and parties. This year, when you approach lists and tasks that seem impossible, put "The Four Ds" to work for you.

The Four Ds are:

Ask yourself, what can you DO now that needs to be done straightaway?

What can you DUMP that needs not to be done at all or, by saying no to it, will help free up your schedule.

What can you DELEGATE to another person: spouse, babysitter, older child, etc. and what can you DEFER and consider rescheduling or fulfilling at a later date?

This system is something that can work in nearly every aspect of your life from schedule organizing to cleaning the house. Little by little, following the Ds will improve everyone's life. And, it's a great thing to teach kids as they get older. It will help them learn how to structure their time and to recognize the important from the unimportant, the time sensitive from the time wasters and how to work together in a group and delegate.

So, start thinking 4-D this year and see how much it will change your life.

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