Rio and Katie-Ann – Season 1

Mums and Dads up and down the country all run into occasional battles about what their kids will eat, but for the McLeod family from Nottingham every meal time is a nightmare.

Their seven year old son, Rio, eats virtually nothing apart from bread and butter. His health and development are seriously suffering and normal family life is almost impossible.

Jo also sets out to help the Griffin family from Birmingham deal with a deeply distressing habit.

Three year old Katie-Ann constantly pulls out her hair. She pulls until she has a bald patch and then moves on to another part of her head and starts the process again. At three years old she has short hair like a boy and has never needed a haircut. Her parents have tried everything they can possibly think of to stop this ferocious habit but have hit a brick wall.

Does Jo have the answer?

Continuing her investigations into commonly held parenting beliefs – Jo’s big event demonstrates the link between sugar and hyperactivity. Many parents think that eating sugar makes their children bounce off the walls – but is it scientific fact?

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