Revisiting Some “Old” Friends


This month, we wanted to check back in with our first Little Nippers family: Lauren, Joe, Gianna, Olivia, and Sophia in honor of the girls’ third birthday! Lauren gives us an update:

Hi everyone, it feels like forever since I’ve written a blog!  So much has changed around here, I don’t know where to begin! 

Our trio Gianna, Olivia and Sophia, have grown up so much. We have transitioned them into "big girl" beds, and, for the most part, all three are potty trained AND talking up a storm with one another and anyone around them who will listen! Not everything they say is understandable, but for the most part they definitely get their point across. They still have that unknown triplet talk going on too, which to us is very cute, but to the outside world must seem very weird! 

The girls are also signed up and excited to start school in September. They will be going to a local Catholic school for the nursery program.  Although it is only a few days a week for a few hours, my husband and I are extremely nervous, as this will be the first time in three years we are leaving them in the care and supervision of a stranger. I think the two of us will be doing most of the crying the first few weeks! 

I myself have made a big change in my life, I am officially a working mommy! I took on a part time job in a doctors office , and I am loving every minute of it.  I do miss the girls terribly from the moment I walk out the door in the morning, but I am assured that they are in good hands while I’m gone and look forward to coming home to their beautiful little sleeping faces at the end of each day!  

We are currently getting ready to celebrate their 3rd birthday. I truly cannot believe it has been three years already, the time is going soo fast — they are officially big girls now! We are looking forward to a beautiful, fun-filled summer with them and our friends and family.

Hope everyone reading this has a great, safe summer as well! A very big thanks to Jo and her staff for remembering us, and giving us the opportunity to share our story with you again….

Lauren, Joe & girls 🙂


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