Preschool & a Trip to the Farm

September has been a whirlwind for the Eidt’s. Skyla started Preschool and she loves it. There hasn’t even been any transition issues. She goes one morning a week and every other friday morning. She is exhausted when she comes home.

Telsche started JK. She hasn’t stayed the full day yet, but we hope this week. She is quite shy going to school, but the teacher says she is doing great. We secretly watched her at recess one day and she was running around and playing. She was last to line up from the playground. She had a fall on the playground structure and came home early one day, but she is warming up to her busy life at school. She has changed a bit the way she is acting at home since. A little bit more emotional and acting out. Hopefully that is just because of the transition to school.

Due to the girls being so busy and the fact that it’s darker earlier, they have been sleeping a little better at night. Bedtime is earlier again, and they settle with less fuss. Skyla is still napping, but Telsche resists a nap — although she is much happier if she has one when she is home. Hannah is a dream sleeper. I think with the third baby I have a little bit of sleep training/schedules experience under my belt.

We are anxiously awaiting Halloween this year. To date, we will have Telsche as a princess and Skyla as the Tiger. We’ll see if that changes over the month. We spent the last day of September at the Frootogo farm with friends of ours. It was so awesome. They had so many things for the kids to play on, a tractor ride, great lunch and, of course, pumpkins. We all slept  soundly when we got home.

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