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FROM: jamielea
CATEGORY: Behaviour
SUBJECT: pick me up!


I am a first time grandma. My daughter and 10 month old grandson live with me. Anytime my grandson sees me and his mom is home he pulls up on my pants and cries. He wants me to pick him up. If I don't, he goes from crying to full blown mad. He does this anytime I am moving around, whether it be cooking or cleaning.

If I sit down he wants on me. I know he is to young to be manipulating me so he must be having feelings over something. Does anyone have any idea why he is doing this?

Dear Jamielea,

Your 10-month-old grandson possibly wants attention from you for two reasons:

  1. Special cuddles with grandma
  2. Not getting enough play and stimulation from his own mother

Are you a co-carer? If you are, it will be equally important in that you both have boundaries of when you take solid charge of the little one – I always find that the mornings are particularly exciting to mentally stimulate our little ones. After much play at this age they normally need a morning nap. This is when you can get your chores done.

However, for good communication and relationships under one roof, encourage a positive meeting with your daughter where you will both discuss how you can work together in raising your wonderful grandson (while at the same time feeling all loved and respected).

Best Wishes,

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