One Last Nip…

We’ve enjoyed watching the Eidt family grow (literally) over the past two years. This will be Kathy’s last update on the family as Little Nippers is taking a hiatus for a bit. We want to thank Kathy, Jason, Telsche, Skyla, and little Hannah for sharing their lives with us. We’ve enjoyed having them be a part of the site and our lives.

We have had an amazing and very busy fall/winter. The Christmas holidays have been packed with first skating experiences, sledding, many family visits, crafts, movies and so much more. The girls loved Christmas this year and really got into the experience of Santa coming. We even had a shelf elf, who watched over our house through December. The girls named her ‘cookie pants’.

Hannah is almost 8 months old and is so sweet and lovely. She is very big and eating all her new solid foods so well. She loves watching her sisters run around her. They are so good to play with her and are very gentle. I am so thankful for this. The transition from two to three kids was so much easier than one to two for us.

Telsche is doing great at school. Opening up to some new friends and really engaging herself in the lessons.

Skyla continues to surprise us everyday with her very outgoing, playful manner. She will continue to keep us on our toes I am sure.

In 2013 we hope to have a healthy busy and fun year. Keeping the girls busy with school, swimming, and new activities.

It has been our pleasure to be featured as the Little Nippers Family. Thank you so very much to Jo Frost and all of her team for following us. This is something we will remember forever. Happy New Year, everyone! May it be a very healthy and happy one.


The Eidt Family

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