No more nappies?!!!

ROM: floppy do
SUBJECT: No more nappies?!!!

Hi all,
Just wondered if any of you have any tips on how to start potty training?
My daughter is now 18 months, and I figured I cant put it off any longer!!!
Please help!
Any advice / tips greatly appreciated.

Hi Floppy Do,
Just some info for you. The bladder does not start to mature until 18 months and it's normally around two years that you start to notice the diapers are dry after their afternoon nap. They will let you know when they have done a "Number 1 or a Number 2", their speech is at a good progress and they don't shy away to the curiosity of a potty. That's when we start potty training. Good luck over the next six months when you start!

Best wishes,

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