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Hello Ladies,

I need some advice. I'm going to be a mom to twins in Dec. I'm nervous and scared at the same time. These are my first. The father of my babies has 4 grown daughters. He is a lot older than me. We have had several disagreements over the kids.

My mom passed away three months ago on the 25th. I had made arrangements for my mom to be in the delivery room but since she passed away, I asked my sister to be in there. He doesn't agree. I want someone from my side of the family in there to take my mom's place.

Am I wrong to want her in there? And my next question is, should I set them up on a schedule when I bring the home? Can anyone tell me what to expect in the first six months? Any advice I will appreciate. Thanks Sam.

Hello, Sam30!

Congratulations on twins in December! What a wonderful experience you are going to begin!

I'm very sorry to hear that your mum passed away three months ago. I know personally how devastating this is and have to say, I believe that it was a wonderful gesture to ask your sister to stand in for your mum in the delivery room at the birth of your children. I cannot imagine why on earth the father of your babies does not agree with your decision, when this is something you truly want — and I totally understand the importance for you to have someone from your family there with you.

You state "Am I wrong to want her in there?" Of course not, this is your decision, so how could that be wrong? May I suggest that you ask your husband to have more compassion on this very bittersweet event and to be more supportive in emotionally getting you through your third trimester?

I can certainly tell you what to expect in the first six months, in my baby book, Jo Frost's Confident Baby Care, which I would like to send to you. When you read this, email your address to webmaster@jofrost.com and my team will be sure to get my book to you!

Warm Wishes,

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