Need to Pack On The Pounds..

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SUBJECT: Need to Pack On The Pounds..

Not me.. the kids! LOL
As some of you know, we're the proud foster (to adopt) parents of (almost) five year old twins (boy/girl). They have been w/ us since January and we have worked diligently to feed them healthy, quality meals. They are very small for their age (because of an unhealthy diet in their previous life) and we're totally playing catch up. Every meal and snack count.

This forum is chock full of knowledge and wisdom and I just know it's the place to turn to for advice. If anyone has book, web site or recipe recommendations, I would greatly appreciate any and all! We're kind of in a rut and I would sure like to try some yummy, healthy, kid friendly new dishes.
My waistline, on the other hand, could sure use a break .. LOL..
Thanks In Advance!!

Hi Melissa,

Congratulations! What an absolute blessing for you, your partner, and the children!
Just a few tips for you — small and often as in every 3 hours, four fat-milk, carbohydrates and protein on the same plate with fruits and veggies as snacks in between. Lots of fun activities to increase the appetite, multi-vitamin supplement until a variety of foods are being taken, and, my good friend Annabella Karmel has wonderful cook books, which can be ordered on You can check them all out here.
Also, a reward chart wouldn't go amiss to encourage them at the good progress they are making at trying all types of new foods.

Happy Meal Times! 

Love, Jo

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