My son won’t use cutlery

I dont know if my sons not old enough, he's just turned 16 months old and shows absolutelty no interest in using cutlery. Over the last 6 months, I've tried showing him how to use it, to just leaving him to work it out for himself. I wonder if there's something I'm not doing right. He's my first child so I feel like I'm making things up as I go along.

Also, I was wondering what age you generally move babies from a cot to a bed, I know it seems like a stupid question but I really have no idea.

You should be at the point of leaving him very comfortable using a spoon and occasionally using a fork to dig into his food. However, when parents begin to encourage by using finger foods, it seems the parents sometimes lose interest to cook foods of consistency that would require cutlery. For example, a chicken and apricot risotto or a good old-fashioned baked fish pie instead of chicken fingers. When you start putting into place foods that require cutlery exclusively, your child will begin to learn it is a necessity.

Regarding the second half of your question, generally, I see no rush to move a baby from a cot to a bed unless they have grown out of it and the cot has become too narrow a space for them to sleep in. If they sleep well anyway, who's questioning? And, no question is ever a stupid question. You'll be surprised how many millions of parents, by reading this reply, have just received the answer to a question they were pondering as well!


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