Mother’s Day

We caught up with Lauren after Mother's Day to check in on how her first mom's day went and how the girls are faring after their bout with a virus last month. Luckily, everyone is doing much better and, we'll let Lauren fill you in on the details:

Mother's day was great; we spent the day at my mother's house, with our family. It was a very special day for me, as I now have my own children to celebrate with! And, my husband surprised me with a great gift!
Thank goodness everyone here is feeling much better and pretty much back to their old selves! With the exception of some teething issues (x 3) we are doing really well!
Though we're entering into the warmer spring and summer months, we have not been able to get outside too much, as we live in the epicenter of the swine flu. I am very hesitant to bring the girls into any public places with a fear of getting sick. So, we are pretty much stuck in the house again. But, as the weather is becoming increasingly beautiful, we hope to soon be able to spend a lot of time outdoors!

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