A great Mother’s Day

Mother's day was great! Just hung out at my parents house with my immediate family, quiet day but nice! The weather was great so we were able to be outside and let the girls "run free" their favorite thing to do!

The girls have begun to speak a lot more lately. They have now mastered the word "NO" and have also begun putting words together! They have definitely come out of their shells over the past couple of months and are becoming little girls rather than babies!

Over the summer I will begin to take the girls to a class three days a week for an hour, just to get them used to going to a structured setting. I don't want going to nursery school to be a traumatic experience for them. They do have play dates now, but mostly just at home. They have three little friends they see often and a first cousin they absolutely love! They even call their names or at least their version of their names many times a day.

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