Meet the New Little Nippers Family!


Let’s welcome our new LITTLE NIPPERS family, parents Kathy and Tyson and their daughters, two-year-old Telsche and eight month old Skyla! They hail from a suburb of Toronto, Canada. Since this is their first post, we thought we wanted to give mom, Kathy, some space to introduce herself and her family.

I am a stay at home Mom, caring for my two beautiful, bright daughters. My husband Tyson is a chiropractor in our town and at another office closer to the city. He works six days a week, sometimes gone for 12 + hours a day. I used to teach yoga for our business but have been off since our second daughter. Now I love to bake for my family and work at being a ‘super’ momsmiley

Having two girls only 18 months apart is a challenge, I’m not going to lie, but it is so sweet to see them growing together. There are days that I am not yet used to managing two this close in age, days that are filled with crying, throwing toys, endless yells for ‘up please’, and requests that you may not be able to fulfill. On the flip side there are also many days that are filled with sweet hugs, laughter, sharing, and wonderful learning experiences. The good days by far outweigh the not so great days. My husband is home until 9am so he is here for wakeup routines and breakfast. When he is home on the weekends he is all hands on and we share all the responsibilities. My parents live in the city and help out a great deal with the girls. We only have one car, which Tyson has to take to work, so I have to be creative to keep these girls busy, especially in the winter! 

Our two-year-old, Telsche, is very interested in Dora. Everything Dora. I have even caught her talking in her sleep about Dora. She also loves books of all sorts, ever since she was a baby, she loves to sit and look/read books. Any book, or sticker, or toy with dogs/cats on it is also a hit. We don’t have a dog, but she loves them so much and always says ‘awwwwww’ every time she sees one, and wants to hug them. Even if it’s in a book. Very cute. She loves to dance, which means running around the room and doing an exaggerated march. Telsche dislikes meat. She is a self-proclaimed vegetarian. I call her my ‘carb’etarian, but I’ve found creative ways to hide protein and veggies everywhere. 

We are looking forward to an amazing, exciting year of updating you all on our family!


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