Love, Mom: Poignant, Goofy, Brilliant Message from Home by Doree Shafrir and Jessica Grose

DOES YOUR MOM WRITE IN ALL CAPS? Do her emails appear exclusively in the subject line? Does she email you to remind you to wear a hat when it's cold out?

Sweet, funny, endearing, slightly technologically inept, and always just a little nagging, emails from mothers to their adult children are much more fun to read when it's somebody else's mother.

From school, sex, technology, and appearance to health, work, holidays, and food—and complete with a selection of celebrity emails (including Oscar-winner Diablo Cody's mom on her daughter's "blob"), and sidebars throughout—Love, Mom is ultimately a reflection on how our moms are always our moms… no matter how the message is sent. Editors Shafrir and Grose culled over 200 of never-before-seen submissions to their popular website, and complied them in this sweet, hilarious and entirely readable — unlike some of your mother's emails — book.

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