The Last Days of Summer

When we checked in with them, Kathy and her family were enjoying the last few weeks of summer. Here’s how they spent the month of August.

Summer is sadly and swiftly coming to a close.  We have had a great summer. It always goes so fast but we did pack in some fun. My brother Gerald, “Uncle Dude,” as the kids know him, came for a week visit. His wife, unfortunately, had to stay home and work. Uncle Dude was a 'Super' Uncle this week visiting and playing with the girls everyday.  We went swimming in a local outdoor pool, took a trip to a beach a few hours away, had a visit with the donkey sanctuary, and went hiking. The girls love to see Uncle Dude and were confused and sad when he had to fly home to British Columbia. We have also had two amazing gatherings with my husband, Tyson’s, family. Each being hosted by Tyson's sisters, Glory and Erica. There are nine grandchildren ranging from nine months to 11 years old, so every party is a riot! Of course, Telsche always wants to go swimming and we usually have to drag her out of the pool. She is now swimming with water wings on and getting very confident. 

Skyla just likes to go wherever there is dirt. A sandbox or a flower bed will do. She is so fast on her feet, we have all caught up on our exercises this month. 

We are currently looking to introduce Telsche into a daycare part time. Just to help with the transition into school next year. I never imagined finding a daycare would be so difficult. There seems to be so many factors that play a role in finding the perfect daycare. Fingers crossed Mom is able to let go enough to let her go out and be at daycare!

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