Kids, Food Dye And ADHD

There have always been whispers and news pieces in various journals about alleged link between ADHD and food dyes. In the past few weeks, however, this whispers have turned into loud questions and pleas that demand answers. The U.S. FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) will now begin to investigate if there is in fact a connection that exists between children with ADHD and food dye. To keep all parents, guardians, and caretakers informed on this topic, we've compiled a list of links to help you weed through the info and begin to judge for yourself.

In an effort to help other parents and guardians, we've set up a thread in the forums for you to share your additional thoughts, links and information.


Time Magazine: Does Food Dye Make Kids Hyper?

Wall Street Journal: Panel Rejects Food-Dye Warnings

New York Times: FDA Panel to Consider Warnings For Artificial Food Colorings

Washington Post: Food Dyes May Make Kids Hyper, Some Scientists Say, But Sadly The Price Is Right

The Huffington Post: Worried About Food Dyes? Four Tips to Avoid Them

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