Keeping in Touch When Away

Homesick is the word that most parents tell me they feel if they have to work away often or for long periods of time if they are in the military. There is no right or wrong or any quick fix to this except to live through it. Obviously allowing yourself to feel a little sad about this is a necessary part of moving forward while living with the circumstances. It is also important to work on adapting to the situation so you are focused on the work at hand that you have to do, and by example to show your children that they need to do the same, focusing on their school work and having fun with their friends. If you expect to get down about it then you will and it can be especially difficult around the holidays with all the festivities. Recognize that the people at home naturally feel the same way and always let your children know that it is about mom/dad going to work. As leaving or going away are words that children can take very literally. Remember when you are back home don’t organize huge get together, focus on the family time that you need with one another.

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