Jo’s Tips For Being Penny-Wise This Holiday Season

We can save more money over Christmas, yet the reality is we always spend that little bit more because we give ourselves the permission to do so because it only comes once a year. But, hey, I’m a realist in that you do what you can. To help you out, however, here are a few pointers on how to cut corners this holiday season and when to splurge:


1. Organize a list and prioritize what is really needed and necessary (notice how I use the word neededand not want). Making a short priority list will bring you back to the staples of what the holiday season is about.

2. With families living long distances from one another, it is very important knowing as a early as possible where you may have to travel over the holiday season, to help shop for travel discounts.

3. If you have decided to stay local, then perhaps one of your dinners or lunches could be a pot luck. It will ease the burden of having to pay for it all or cook it all yourself and brings the nice spirit of contribution all together.

4. Give up something for four weeks — as a noble kind gesture and give what you gave up to someone else (for example, donate your dessert or your carbs to a local food bank). It will teach our children charity for those who have less than us.

5. Count your pennies… literally. You will be amazed at how much you have that can go towards something on your list.

6. Start your holiday food box. Each week buy one or two things extra so that you don’t feel the dent in your purse come the final week of Christmas food shopping.

7. Start a Christmas club with your five closest friends, ain’t nothing better than some else validating why you can’t touch that money yet!

8. Realistically, some of us won’t be so fortunate to take large amounts of time off over the holiday period. For a majority of us worldwide, most of us truly only celebrate four days out of those holidays. So plan your meals so you don’t over spend and end up throwing our excess leftovers.

9. Nothing says it better than a homemade family holiday card from kids. Whether you cut out Christmas trees or ball decorations, get messy one afternoon and have fun creating. The cards serve as great Christmas and holiday cards. Remember to save the ones you get for this year because they make good wrapping paper tags for next year!

10. Last but not least, it’s not about being frugal over the holidays its about being smart, especially when everyone is feeling the pinch. Take the snobbery out of re-gifting and remember, one mans ceiling is another man’s floor.

Most importantly, this is the season for magic, spirit, fun, excitement, and togetherness, and these are things that shouldn’t cost us a penny!

x Jo

Copywritten by Jo Frost

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