Jo’s Three Nursery Golden Rules

I’m sharing my three nursery golden rules to help parents and little ones cope at daycare, nursery, and/or preschool.


1. Persevere with Your Nursery

After one or two weeks, you can’t just say, “this isn’t working.” You need to give it time for everyone to get used to the new arrangement. Give it a good couple of months adjustment time for both you and your child. Nothing happens overnight.


2. Playdates Help With Settling

Playdates get your little one used to being around other children and sharing toys and activities. They’re what helps your child to settle at nursery. And, it’s never to late to help a child settle — no matter how many weeks or months into the schedule they are. Having a playmate around will keep them relaxed, less anxious and help them to focus on having fun and learning.

3. Go Along For An Afternoon

If you spent an afternoon at nursery with your child when she/he was first settling in, it might help to do it again for the new term, so she/he feels like it’s a fresh start.

Good luck!

xo Jo

Copywritten by Jo Frost

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