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My 2 1/2 yo is still in love with his paci. We've tried trading it for toys and such but it hasn't worked. I know I should just take it away but I'm afraid he might become a thumb sucker if I do. When he doesn't have his paci he usually has a thumb or fingers in his mouth. Should I just take the paci away and then if he sucks his thumb try to solve that later?

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I have a 4 1/2 month old baby boy who was born at 8pnd 7 ounces he is my first and only child and since then he has grown into a full and healthy baby boy he weighs in at 9 kgs, lately he has become very interested in food and is constantly staring at me hungrily when i eat and sometimes even cries when he sees food, he also reaches out for it and his mouth moves when food is close to him.

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I have a three-year-old son, Monty, who has been climbing out of his crib for several weeks now and only wanted to sleep in our guest bedroom, which has a twin bed. So we figured it was time to replace his crib and got a toddler bed for his room. To make it fun, we went and bought him Mickey Mouse Sheets and Diego Sheets and a new blankey just for bedtime. The first night he slept no problem. The 2nd and 3rd nites he came out about 50 times each, we used positive reinforcement for the 1st 15 times and after that, we threatened taking away toys. Finally we took all the toys out of his room. And then he finally fell asleep.

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