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My son will be 3 next month and refuses to go #2 in the potty. He has mastered #1. He is very good at letting me know when he has to go #1 and doesn't have accidents at nap or night. However, we cannot get the #2 down. If you ask him if he needs to go "poo" he tells you no. He has went #2 a few times over the last few months in the potty and we do happy dances and all. I just seems that no matter what I try doesn't work. HELP ME PLEASE..I'm so tired of cleanig dirty underwear.

Any ideas, I feel like we have tried everything.

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I've been working for a family for 8 months now who have 2 very active boys. The oldest will be 3 in Jan and the youngest is 16 months. For the past 8 months in order to get the 16 month old to sleep I have been having to push him in a stroller till he falls asleep. I've tried putting him in his crib and let him cry it out, but I don't want to let him cry too long. I don't want to take the risk of upsetting my boss. But he's getting too big to push around and rock everyday to get him to sleep. I've tried laying him on the couch so he can go to sleep like his big brother, but he just gets up and starts jumping on it. At first it worked, he'd go to sleep on his own. That was only for a week though. When my husband and I came back from our vacation it was like he'd never fallen to sleep on his own. I am at my wits end and seriously need some advice on how to deal with this in a way that will not upset my employer.

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Hi, My little girl is 18months old and for some reason has stopped saying the odd word to just full on babbling, i keep repeating words etc but to no avail, all i'm getting is "gaga" literally from her, please help, thank you xxx

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my daughter is now 4 months old and is still being bottle fed. myself and my partner are keen on starting to wean her but are being advised not to do so until 6 months by the health visitor.

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Ok my daughter is 3 1/2 will be 4 in Dec. My problem with her is that when you tell her "no" or she doesn't get what she wants, she SCREAMS! I mean really screams like Im afraid soemone is gonna call the cops on me. And she will keep it going for like 10 minutes or more. I have tried time outs, I have tried putting her in her room.. it never stops.
Any ideas????

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