Jo Teams Up with the EIB Active Campaign


Jo is teaming up with Teva Respiratory and EIB Active to raise awareness about exercise-induced bronchospasm (EIB).
Message from Jo about EIB:
"It’s important for me to educate people about EIB (sometimes referred to as Exercise Induced Asthma), so that if they are experiencing symptoms, which may lead them to stop exercising or participating in sports, they need to speak with a physician,” says Jo Frost, celebrity nanny and parenting expert. “It’s important for those who have EIB and/or asthma, like myself, to effectively manage it so they can stay healthy and active.”
The campaign aims to educate about the importance of proper treatment to effectively manage EIB symptoms in both patients diagnosed with asthma and those experiencing breathing problems who do not have asthma. Check out the EIB Active website for more information, resources, and interactive content for kids.

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