It’s a Girl!


Kathy wrote us this month with some very exciting news! We'll let her share it all below …

Baby Hannah Rose makes her debut! We are so pleased to welcome our newest family addition, Hannah Rose. She was born Tuesday May 22nd, weighing 7lbs 6oz. She was born safely at home in the water. Hannah's middle of the night arrival allowed for Grandma (my Mom) to be here as well. Her older sisters, Telsche and Skyla are really excited and overly curious about the new baby. Telsche has already become the 'mother hen' watching over Hannah, and helping out with all sorts of baby tasks. Skyla would like to carry her around like her baby dolls, and hasn't quite grasped that she needs more care than her dolls.  Tyson is already used to a house of girls and is glowing with pride about his new girl. Tyson is an amazing hands on Dad to the girls. We'll have to plan a special, well deserved, Father's Day treat for him:) This last week has been a bit of a whirlwind. Life with three is so busy. Always somebody needing something, with barely a moment to spare. However, we are planning a family getaway this summer and will put our van to good use. It's so fun to get out, when we can. We are truly blessed to have an amazing, perfect family. Thanks for sharing with us. – Kathy

Congratulations to Kathy, Tyson, Telsche, and Skyla! We're very excited we have the opportunity to follow your family and celebrate your newest member, Hannah Rose! xo – The Web Team

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