Is it too early for reins?

FROM: shellyc
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SUBJECT: is it too early for reins?

Hi everyone,

I have a 13 month old daughter and a 3 week old daughter. I have a double pram for them when we go shopping, but my 13 month old has been walking since 1 1months and she just loves to be walking. She hates not being able to walk, but obviously I cant put her down b/c she just runs off!

I was wondering what your opinions were on reins? My mum said to me the other day, that my daughter is too young for reins? I'm not sure either way.

Please help!!!!

Shel x

Hi Shel,

Not too young for reins, however I would not suggest that you put reins on her. I would suggest you put her in the pram when you go shopping because it's easier and more convenient to do. But I would exercise her when you can if you're in a park or out shopping in a mall, let her walk next to you and hold a hand on her pram.

Look for parks and play areas where your daughter can walk around and exercise. Apart from that, you could have her in a pram. Realistically, she's only just started walking anyway and you've only just got her into start right shoes. She's probably not walking for long periods of time yet anyway.

She's not too young, but it's not appropriate to have her in reins yet when she's not walking a lot yet. Let her totter around on greens or even in your hallway, so she can develop her leg muscles, balance and build up strength, but the pram is appropriate for busy areas and long trips and times when it's too inconvenient or not safe for her to practice walking.


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