How much sleep does she need

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SUBJECT: how much sleep does she need

My 3 year old daughter has just started at nursery and is going on the afternoon sessions. Me and my husband have different opinions about when she should sleep. Confused at the moment, I like her to sleep about 7.30 pm and she wakes up between 6:30 and 7:30am. I don't like her to have a nap in the daytime as this means she will not sleep until late and she still wakes at the same time in the morning.

Mad yesterday, he let her nap in the daytime and she went to sleep finally at 9pm. I had her in bed from 7:30pm but she was just messing about and fighting. My husband insists she needs a nap because she needs lots of sleep "to grow" and doesn't think what she gets through the night is enough.

So I would please like to hear from you. Is 12 hours of sleep for a 3 year old enough? She does get grumpy and whiney from feeling tired after nursery but I have found if I distract her with cartoons and playing, I can keep her awake until 7.30pm.

Dear Tracey Khadija,
A mother's routine is sufficient and 12 hours of sleep is amble for a three year old. If your toddler has had a busy morning, she may show signs of being tired. Thirty minutes of peace and quiet with books and puzzles is sufficient. The fact that she didn't go to sleep until 9 p.m. confirms that it's not necessary for her to have long nap periods. Our children taking naps becomes a break for us. And, your husband insisting on naps for growth purposes is redundant because she's already sleeping twelve hours per day as it is.

So if you want me to referee, at this stage of the game I would firmly say I'm in your corner.

Warm Wishes,

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