Holiday Dinner Table Tips for Teens


A handy list of do's and don'ts to share with your teen before holiday dinner, or anytime, really.

Teen Dining Table Tips

1.     Do Wait until everybody is seated before you begin your Christmas meal, unless mom or dad say it is okay to start first.

2.     Do talk with mouth empty…you can be understood clearly. Remember no one wants to see the remnants of your now liquidized ham and veg!

3.     Do use your napkin…wearing apple pie on your sleeve is not trendy this year.

4.     Yes your eyes may be feasted on that last piece of cake but he who asks first laughs with cake in his mouth.

5.     Compliments to the chef is gratitude for the effort. What you don’t like leave politely to the side.

6.     Please use appropriate language when in conversation because the likely chances are, your mom don’t know your shizzle madizzle.

7.     Opt to stay at the dining table than to go into your room after eating. Your presence shows a keen interest to engage present company. No one is going anywhere fast on face book

8.     Please sneeze or cough away from the table…as I’m sure the food has been adequately seasoned.

9.     Refrain from using your technology gizmos at the table. I’m sure if your mom and dad wanted Matthew,  Mark , Luke and John over for Christmas they would have invited them.

10.  Aunt Maggy’s conversation may be boring you. But excusing yourself from the table is far more polite than saying you have locked yourself in the bathroom.

11.  When you have finished eating,,. place your knife and fork together. It lets others know you are ready to move onto the next course. And we will let you know when to collect the plates to wash them afterwards. Hahaha

12.  Remember 101 manners, Please, May I, Thank You, You Are Welcome

13.   Please use your fork as a fork, if it was meant to be a knife, pirates would carry them.

14.  Don’t hog the food on your plate, you are hardly sitting with a pack of hyenas. You can always go back for more.

15.  Do share your games with others; it gives you a chance to play with their games too.

16.  And last but not least, remember what you might find boring now…will be the visual memories that stay with you for a lifetime when you are older

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