Hitting NY with S.O.S.

This past month found Jo in New York, where she was in town to promote her new show, Family S.O.S. with Jo Frost. In the middle of her events, Jo found time to update us about press schedules, Katie Couric’s show, and meeting Chris O’Donnell.

It has been a crazy month of preparation leading up to the premiere of the show. I had been shooting pretty close till my departure date and then when I arrived in New York, I hit the ground running. Each show I did (from Dr. Oz to Katie and Joy Behar) requires me to talk about the same thing, but in a different way each time. I love what I do and the families I have the opportunity to work with, so each time I try to hit on a different aspect of what I do when I help a family. Or, as on the Katie show, I am given a family in the studio audience to help. In between the chatting about the show sometimes the tables turn to more personal topics. For the Dr. Oz Show, I talked about my severe allergy to nuts and shellfish — something most people didn’t know about me, but I revealed in order to help bring to light a serious situation that families need to be on the look out for and the world at large should be mindful of (can you believe they still serve peanuts on airplanes when so many children have extreme peanut allergies?!) There was a lot of press to do in one week in New York and very little down time, but was able to spend some evenings hanging out, doing some shopping in the Time Warner Center, and grabbing dinner with New York friends. A fun highlight of my trip was running into NCIS: LA’s Chris O’Donnell at the Better TV studios! 




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