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SUBJECT: Help getting my 18month old to talk


My little girl is 18 months old and for some reason has stopped saying the odd word to just full on babbling. I keep repeating words etc but to no avail, all I'm getting is "gaga" literally from her. Please help. Thank you xxx

Dear Gillian,

Rebecca will start to put syllables and sentences together, but first it will be single and plural words and sounds. It’s all about repetition. Make sure you are asking her questions, but not answering them for her. Give her time to answer. It’s natural that she’s babbling on in her own language because she’s not using our language. It doesn’t means that she’s forgotten it, especially if you’re putting her on the spot and asking her to “perform” her answers for relatives and friends.

Don’t make a big drama about it, just through play it will help her develop her own language. Or even at lunch, ask her if she would like some juice or water and then wait for her to respond. Incorporating questions and answers into every day things is key. But I’d be low-key about it. She doesn’t have to say good-bye every time someone leaves.

When you play with her with the puzzles, don’t expect her to repeat the word, now she should repeat the sound. She will start to do it when she’s ready. You’re doing all the wonderful things like making her point out where the dog and duck and cow are, and being repetitive with the words and sounds. If you look around, you’ll probably notice that may other kids her age are at the same stage. They’re all still taking everything in and memorizing speech patterns and words and putting sentences together. It will come naturally, and it’s not something you should worry about until at least 24 months. So keep doing what you’re doing.

Best wishes,


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