Happy valentines day!

Happy valentines day! This year we don't have any big plans for the " big" day. Joe has to work, so it will be a quiet day with just me and my girls. Maybe I'll have them help me bake something sweet for daddy!!!

This past month has been pretty busy for us. I had the girls evaluated for early intervention (which is just extra "help" in certain areas of development) and all 3 passed with flying colors! We are so proud of them.

The girls have recently started to "talk" a lot more, which has made it very interesting around here! And, we had a few fun playdates with their our friends children. All of which ended with their friends falling fast asleep –our girls wipe everyone out! It's always very interesting seeing the girls with other children, they really are not phased by them at all, but the other children are always very skeptical of them. I have found that even when put in an enviorment with other children, they tend to stay with one another and play.

They have a new favorite thing to play with and that's their baby dolls. They love to dress them, feed them and wrap them in their blankies. I even " caught" all 3 stuffing their baby in their play kitchens sink, I assume they were giving it a bath!

They also love to help me clean up around the house, and also pretend they are talking on the phone. I can say that they are true girly girls!

Hope you all have a great valentines!!!

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