Dads come in all shapes and sizes whether you’re divorced, widowed, blended, adopted, foster, younger or more mature, and so on. Encouraging relationships with other father figures and role models if your own biological father isn’t present is very important, as the influence is equally effective to children as is mother’s.

As families have evolved and times have changed with the increased number of new mom’s working and single parenting lifestyles, male family members like uncles and grandfathers also, in a very magical way, can tribute to your child’s ability to learn and grow. Even though there is no longer a defined description for dads, that doesn’t mean it diminishes his importance. Research has shown that children become better at acquiring more self-esteem when feeling that unconditional love from their father.

When fathers are more emotionally connected to their children, they are more able to verbally communicate and express their emotions, leading to less behavioral problems and better results academically as well as athletically. An authoritative parenting style gives a good dose of warmth and love as well as accountability and rules. This equals trust and appropriate freedom.

So as you can see, Dads truly do matter in every sense of the word. The presence of a father figure will always have a positive impact in more ways than one. Fathers have their own unique way of getting things done with their children and mothers need to trust their partners more in being able to do this. As long as both parents are on the same page, the results will be the similar. Dads, here are some ideas on how to get more involved:

    • Get physical: Warmth, hugs, kind words, encouragement and raspberry kisses are all vital. Don’t leave it all up to Mom.


    • Share parental chores: Be involved just as much as Mom means you get to bond, too. From washing hair, feeding, and night bottles, to cooking meals and story times.


    • Quality Time: HOW Dads spend time with their kids is as important than the actual time they spend. So make it count! Jump into their world and have them help you out, too.


It goes without saying, men and women are different! They look different, dress differently, and having that role model in life gives a child perspective to look at the world from the man’s eye, making them more comfortable and familiar with the world and the men in it.

Moms, we know the great work that you do when it comes to raising your children, so today can be a day where we can thank our close male family members and our loyal male friendships for being a part of our life in a very profound way!

To My Dearest Dad & brother Matt, Happy Father’s Day!

With Love xoxoxo Jo

Copywritten by Jo Frost

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