Happy 1st Birthday, Skyla!

Kathy sends us an update on her Mother's Day and daughter Skyla's 1st Birthday!

Another month has passed already. Time flies when you have two busy girls on the go. Mother's Day was fabulous. I was able to have a lovely sleep in, followed by a hike with the girls and Tyson. In the afternoon we had supper with my Mom and Dad complete with another walk in the woods. Tyson and the girls bought me new shoes (they know me too well) and a beautiful plant, which I love. On May 30th, Skyla turned one! We had a big birthday party with all of the family. Telsche and Skyla have 4 sets of aunts and uncles and 7 cousins on Tyson's side, all of whom made it to the party. Even Great Grandma Eidt was able to come. Skyla is almost walking on her own now. She did however, tire Grandma and Pa Pa out while she walked hand in hand with them the whole party. She enjoyed her carrot/pineapple cupcake. Big sister Telsche spent the whole day running after her cousins and friends. On the milestone front. Telsche is now potty trained. She is doing so well and really enjoying the independence it's giving her. This summer we hope to play outside loads, go to some splash pads, and hopefully get away for a weekend. The picture is of Skyla's birthday. It was impossible to get a shot with both girls looking, they were so distracted:)

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