Halloween plans


This month, Lauren filled us in her three little trick-or-treaters and their Halloween plans as well as teaching the girls "sharing" and how she could use a little bit of "Nanny Jo" in her own house.

October has been a pretty "slow" month for us, as two out of the three girls have been very sick. We are hoping that the second half of the month gets better!

We are very excited for Halloween this year, I bought the girls there costumes a few weeks ago, came home to try them on and they didn't want to take them off, they loved them, and got a big kick out of seeing their sisters all dressed up! I as many multiple moms do "went with a theme" and our theme this year is "Garden," so they are going to be a flower, a ladybug and a bumblebee! We plan on taking the girls around to our family members' houses in the neighborhood and meeting up with some of their "buddies," too!

We have been working a lot with the girls to teach them how to share and "do nice" with each other. I am not sure if it is the age (15 mths) that they are at, but my girls want everything to themselves and have a very difficult time sharing with one another. It has gotten so bad here at times that I have started to use a lot of Jo's techniques and use the "Naughty corner" a lot. There are times that I could really use Jo in my house!

Attached is a cute picture of the girls waiting for brownies to bake! Don't worry, my oven doesn't get hot!!!

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