Halloween Crafts

Get crafty this Halloween with some spooky D.I.Y. decorations the entire family can make.

Cheesecloth ghosts

An spooky, fun activity for the whole family. The best instructions can be found here. However, we recommend substituting the styrofoam ball with a balloon — fun to pop and easier to remove when you’re done! If you have any leftover cheesecloth, Martha Stewart has directions for making some creepy cheesecloth spiderwebs.

Jack-O’-Lantern Balloons

An easy and super kid-friendly alternative to pumpkin carving is to buy a bunch of orange balloons (either blown up with helium or ones you can blow up yourself), grab a black magic marker, and get to work blacking out triangle eyes, nose, and scary mouth shapes (like Dracula teeth).

Glittering Gords

For a fancy, snazzy take on traditional gords, paint the thoroughly with glue or Mod-Podge and coat them with glitter. For a spooky effect, spray paint the body of the gord black, coat in light colored or silver glitter, and spray paint the stem silver.

Scary Silhouettes

Buy a long roll of dark colored (preferrably black) butcher paper from a craft store. Roll it out and have your child lay down with their arms up, and trace around their body. Cut out the silhouette and cut off the arms, head, and at the waist. Then, use a hole punch and some string to tie the various “body parts” on the curtain rod or secure with tape in the sill of each window (so the silhouette is showing outside the house at night when the lights in the room are on).

Juice Box Mummy

A fun way to reuse juice boxes to spooky effect! Click here to learn how to make a juice box mummy.

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