Gianna, Sophia and Olivia

This month, we received another adorable picture (click to enlarge) from Gianna, Sophia and Olivia (through their mom, Lauren, of course). This month’s photo is their holiday card photo and boy, we’re not sure how Lauren and her husband, Joe, will top it next year!

Lauren also included an update on their girls’ stomach issue and told us how her bundles of joy will be celebrating the holidays and finding their way right under the Christmas tree!

The girls are doing well, growing and changing every day. Unfortunately, we are still having some issues with their bellies, so we will be going to the gastroenterologist with them this week, hoping it is just something as simple as changing their formula.

Everyday now they are doing new things, two of them began laughing! The first time they did it, my mom and I were with them and we found it to be very cute and funny!!! They are all rolling over from front to back and back to front and are finding ways to move all over the place, I found Olivia under the Christmas tree last week (she had been lying on a blanket on the floor). I guess she was fascinated with the lights!

This holiday season is going to be much different than any other, besides having the girls around, my husband, Joe, is working both Christmas Eve and Day, so the girls and I will be going to my parents home to be with just them and my grandparents.

Happy holidays to everyone and enjoy the season with your families!

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