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For families seeking Jo’s Professional Private (No Camera) help.

This bespoke service is given via Phone & Zoom, unless requesting a Home Assessment visit.   Please fill in the form below including your family’s description of their challenge.

Please Note: Demand for this particular service is high, due to Global demand. However, you will be contacted when spaces open up.

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Jo Frost Private Family Consultations

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    What an incredible experience!!! What can I say about Jo Frost? She is just amazing! I’ve never met her nor spoke to her before my hour session. 

    She asked me a series of questions before our session. I felt that she knew me for years. The way that she understood my personal situation and the way that she was able to read between lines, I was shocked. 

    Because of my personal situation, I’ve been having this negative feeling of anger for months. I don’t know how to explain it, but while talking to Jo, I could feel this negative pressure being relieved from my chest, heart and mind. I felt that, no matter what, I will be ok and my kids will be ok. Her words and the security that she transmitted to me through the phone call had a huge impact on me. Sometimes, even though you know what you need to do, you always need this voice who would tell you what the right thing is. For me, she was that voice, a voice full of strength and confidence that changed my attitude towards my current situation.

    THANK YOU so much for your time and words shared with me. They have been the boost that I exactly needed to change towards a better life for my children and for myself.

    Many kisses from The Hague (Netherlands)

    My wife and I cannot thank you enough. I cannot believe we are all sleeping now. You made the process very easy to follow without even being here in our home. You somehow knew our little one without ever meeting him! 

    Thank you for all your guidance and techniques we will continue to use.  


    S Carolina USA

    Thank you so much for being real and oh so genuine that is in such short supply these days! Your advice has given me strength over our 6 week sessions. Most importantly, I have seen the results I had hoped for. My relationship with my children has made us all much happier and my husband and I feel more connected as a couple. This has improved our parenting altogether.


    God Bless You

    Westchester, New York

    Jo Frost, our sessions with you were bloody brilliant, we are so thankful for your advice. We watch you on TV help so many families I just can’t believe you have been able to help us in such a short amount of time. We have seen other professionals, I just wish we had come to you first. My family has learned so much, I see things differently now and it has made all the difference. Thank you for all you do and have done for us!


    Bedford, UK

    I was searching the net for help about how to deal with a worried child about the nasal flu treatment coming up in school.  Questions such as “how assertive should I be? How to approach his worries, alleviating his worries and upset but letting him know some things aren’t nice but need to be done/dealt with”, all in an approach he will understand and relate to.  I didn’t know where to turn and I had no one to ask or talk to about this.

    I found nothing that closely covered how I was feeling or answered my questions so I thought about Jo Frost and looked up her website.  I asked her my questions through her website.  I didn’t honestly expect and answer – certainly anytime soon as I could imagine the amount of emails and people she is dealing with on a daily basis.

    I has going over and over how awful I felt my approach to this subject with my son that morning, how to deal with it later with him after school so you can only imagine my surprise and relief when Jo telephoned me!  It is very difficult to put into words how the call helped me (and ultimately my son) on so many levels.  She covered no only my initial worries on this subject but helped me see how some simple, consistent techniques could be applied to future issues and enable my son to be happy, feel empowered and have self worth and belief in his actions.

    That was the best email I have ever sent!  I was feeling very alone, didn’t know where to turn or what to do for the best.  That one phone call from Jo gave me such a boost!  I felt my concerns were warranted, that I was not the only one who has these worries.   I am so grateful that Jo took the time to help me.  That phone call will benefit not only me but my family for years to come and that it priceless.

    We only want the best for our children and this call with Jo has given me a confidence that I have the tools now to approach this situation (and future ones) in a positive, understanding and empathic manner. It’s lovely how talking to Jo made me feel but I get my greatest joy that by feeling better, confident, happier and knowledgeable, I can try to make my son’s upbringing a more balanced and happier one, with a greater understanding of how he feels.  A win-win all round.

    I cannot thank you enough Jo for taking the time to help and advise me.  I will take forward what you have said and always be grateful for your call.

    She saved our Marriage!!

    My sister gifted us a family session with Parenting Expert Ms. Frost

    I took it as a gesture of her wanting to help us with all she has witness with our parenting issues.

    Yes, of course I had expectations, who wouldn’t have? I’d seen Nanny Jo work her magic with lots of families but it’s so different when it’s your family with the issue. We had the one session and then booked another 6 sessions because we just loved the difference it was making to our family. I’m writing this testimonial to say that if you are a family that is struggling,there’s no shame in that, I know that now. We will never be able to pay back the advice and “Parenting Backpack” Jo has given us but at the least I hope this encourages others to reach out.

    Eternally Grateful, Thank you Jo


    Adrianna M

    I am a 39 year old portuguese teacher. I am teaching Drama at an Elementary School in Portugal.Sometimes things can get a little bit crazy and we do try a lot of the techniques we learn at the university as tools to prevent bad behaviour. However id like to say…. Thank you! so much for restoring my confidence as a teacher and helping me with the children.

    I still don’t have kids of my own yet but one day… hopefully …I am going to be a much well-prepared mum by using the techniques I have been learning from you. Keep up the good work. It’s very inspiring! Sending tons of love your way.
    Big hug and lots of kisses from Carmen in Portugal

    Hi Jo,

    Thank you so much! Your sleep technique, 2,4,8 mins -amazing! You are an absolute god send. 4 days in and I’m sending this to you just as my son has nodded off (16 months). I’m just so grateful for us all being able to get some sleep and I think my husband is quite happy he’s off the sofa! The best guide yet! Straight forward easy to follow with real results!

    Looking forward to using your bye bye bottle technique wish us luck!

    You are a Legend!

    Hi Jo, I wanted to thank you for helping save my family. A few years ago our middle daughter was terrible. I spent a couple of months watching your shows and decided i needed your private consultations. I got her turned around. Our whole family is happy now thanks to you!