Get Gardening

As the weather turns warm and you have the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, it’s fun to get kids involved in nature and teaching them to care for the earth. A fun way of doing this is through gardening. With kids ages 6 and up, put together their own gardening tool set. Have them help choose seeds and bulbs they want to plant and perhaps give them a small space in the backyard where they can tend their own garden and decide what to plant.

For younger children, let them witness the whole process, from starting seedlings indoors, to replanting outside, to weeding to harvesting. Starting seeds indoors allows kids who live in cooler climates to have a longer growing season since they don’t have to wait to plant outside. A windowsill garden of herbs is great for starting (and keeping) indoors and may tempt even the pickiest eater to try some new flavors.

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