First birthday

This month Gianna, Sophia, and Oliva are celebrating their First birthday! We can't believe the girls are already a year old! Congratulations to them and their parents, Lauren and Joe – we all love following the girls and continue to be entertained by their stories and beautiful pictures! Let's let Lauren tell you, in her own words:

We would like to start by sharing some wonderful news with everyone, on Tuesday June 30th , our girls will celebrate their 1st Birthday! Not only have they grown soo much physically but mentally too, and we survived ever moment of it. It has been such an amazing year for all of us and we are sooo proud of them, they have overcome a lot and have come sooo far! HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY GIANNA, OLIVIA & SOPHIA!!!!!
Well, living here in NY with all the rain has been a little challenging and stressful for us. Cabin fever is downplaying what we have, when you have 3 one year olds who are always on the move it is very hard to keep them happy in the same place day in and day out. With that in mind we managed to get out as often as possible, even if it is just for an hour. We do a lot of mall and car trips, sometimes we never even got out of the car!! It is always "loads of fun" getting in and out of the house, car , stores etc, when it is pouring, but we do what we have to do and always with a smile!
With summer upon us, we do not have any vacation plans this year, just lots of bbq's, but in a few weeks we will be hosting a big party for the girls to celebrate their 1st year. We are looking forward to having our girls meet our family and friends. Like I have mentioned in the past, with the girls being preemies, we were not able to have them around a lot of people therefore we have a ton of family members as well as friends that have never seen them. We are very excited about this party and I have spent a lot of time trying to make it special for them.

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