Happy Father’s Day

Father's Day was great. We spent the morning at home with my wonderful husband, treating him to a nice breakfast. Then, in the afternoon we met up with my amazing parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. That evening, we spent with Gianna's godfather. It was a long and very busy day for the girls, but they loved every minute of it! We are very lucky to have such wonderful male influences in our lives we had to share the day with all of them.

The summer has been great so far. We have taken MANY trips to the beach already, one trip to the zoo, and the playground. The girls have cooled down in the kiddie pool almost every day. We also have a day trip planned to the aquarium and a week long vacation trip to Montauk for the end of summer! The girls love spending so much time outside, so let's just hope that Mother Nature continues to be nice to all of us!

Over the past month the girls have become extremely independent. They have mastered the fine art of using a fork and spoon; dressing themselves (including putting on their shoes – though not always right!) and buckling their own car seat belts. Going along with this, their new favorite saying is "I do." They have also learned to say each other's names. (Ed. note: So cute! We can just imagine their little voices!)

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