Exaggerating is a form of telling Fibs & Lies. The desire to be accepted and liked by our peers is quite natural, the more animated the child is the more creative they can be in their “storytelling”. When you find your child starts to exaggerate it will be important to notice and to have discussions that lead to the importance of why it is not generally great to do so and to explain how it is not necessary. Young children do get wrapped up in the escapism of reality and fantasy especially when in the toddler years as this is not something that is more recognized until a child is at least 4 years old; it ends up all bunched together, so make sure your child starts to learn the difference from you. Most parents know this is a phase kids will outgrow of but if you ever find it develops, finding out the underlying cause of lying is crucial to it being stopped. When children lie about brushing their teeth or what somebody said just correct it and follow through on making amends in a non-confrontational way as the more relaxed and open you are the less your child will find the need to pre-empt your decision or reaction to daily stuff.

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