Easter was great this year. The girls totally got the whole Easter bunny thing, the night before we left him a carrot and they went to bed. I then hid eggs around the house for them to find in the morning and also left a basket for each of them to see when they woke up! They were super excited to find the eggs, which surprising they found all of and look through their baskets! It made all of my work totally worth it. Reliving holidays through the eyes of my children is priceless! We then went off to my aunt's house for more presents and egg hunts. It was a nice day overall.

Now, with the nice weather upon us, we have spent countless hours running and playing outside. It's a great way for the girls to blow off all their energy! And, I get to enjoy the sunshine too! We're looking forward to many more warm days outside at the park, beach, or even just at home in our small kiddie pool and sprinkler!

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