Child won’t drink from sippy cup or cup…

My child won't drink from a sippy cup or cup…just won't really take up the practice of drinking liquids all day long. If I want the fluid to get into her body, I have to go to her with a cup and say, "Ok, drink the juice or the milk."

I am always concerned about her getting enough fluids as she just won't take up the "constant sipping" practice. I see other kids just going back to their little cups all day long, but not my child.
What can I try to help with this issue?

Hi BusyB,

Believe it or not, Busy B, your question is a very common one. This practice starts at the table, at mealtimes, where the child is encouraged to stay at the table until they have finished their juice, milk or water. It's important that every child is hydrated, but at the age that your child is, it's random that some children need prompting and some children don't.

Some children take regular sippy drinks, but in small amounts. Others will take less drinks, but in larger amounts. Encourage her to finish her juice and milk at the table and that she can get down once she finishes it. And encourage her to drink her little cups of water during snack time. That's five cups right there!

Nine out of 10 children will be hasty to leave their juice because they want to get on with playing and think they're going to miss out. Be very nonchalant in your approach.

Best wishes,

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