Cabin Fever, Tent Forts, and Maple Syrup Farms


When we checked in with Kathy, Tyson and the girls this month, we found they have been combatting the last breath of winter with some fun ideas both in and outside of the house.

Happy Spring everyone!  Everyone is doing great. The girls are happy and busy as always, both enjoying the occasional early spring walks in their wagon they received for Christmas from Grandma and PaPa. Thank goodness, because I was getting tired of pulling them around the living room in it.

There were, however, many cold days this month where we had to stay indoors (hence our picture, being creative making tents).  To stave off cabin fever, our family made a trip to a maple syrup farm with Tyson’s family. Telsche and I had a horse drawn wagon ride there and we also had an amazing pancake breakfast — Daddy’s favourite!

Looking back on this month I realize just how much changes each month with two little ones. There has been many milestones this month for each of them: Skyla (almost 10 months now) is crawling everywhere, pulling herself up on everything, taking steps while holding your hands, saying ‘Mom’ (which I melt everytime I hear it), climbing on things and eating all sorts of finger foods. She is so different than Telsche, who was very quiet at this stage, she wants to run after her sister asap! Telsche (28 months now) is getting so good at brushing her own teeth, helping to clean up, using full sentences, had her first official haircut, graduated to a big girl bed (which is proving to be very challenging) and…….had her first successful trip to the potty! (Hopefully by next month we will have had many more successful trips to the potty, fingers crossed for us).

Looking forward to some warm weather — we want to go to the park!

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