Bye, Bye stomach bug!!!

This month Lauren and Joe were juggling two sick babies (Gianna and Olivia), one sick mom (Lauren), and two trips to the emergency room! Luckily, Lauren's mom was around to help them recover and give both her daughter and her granddaughters some extra TLC.

To start off on a good note, the girls just turned 10 months yesterday and are getting soo big!!! Sophia has finally learned to crawl and is now moving right along with her sisters, we are soo proud of her!!! Over the past week we have had some problems here though, Gianna, Olivia and myself all came down with a bad stomach virus. Sophia apparently has a very strong resistance because she never got sick, thank goodness! I decided not to separate the girls while they were sick, because I think it would have made things worse, as they love being together. Plus, I figured I'm taking care of two, what's one more!
Olivia was the worst, as we had to bring her to the emergency room twice for dehydration. It was a very scary thing for all of us. After just five hours of showing her first sign of being sick (refusing any food or liquid) we knew something was not right. She was completely lifeless, pale and at one point, would not respond to us when being called or touched, which is not like her at all! She spent three hours in the emergency room, where they monitored her and made sure she was able to take Pedialyte by mouth for an hour without vomiting and then we were able to leave. The following night however, was a different story. Back to the Emergency Room we went because once again, she went an entire day vomiting and having diarrhea and refused to drink the amount of Pedialyte the doctor had prescribed and, she was showing the same signs as the day before. This time she stayed for about six hours and was given fluids through an IV, which seemed to do the trick.
During all of this, I was so fortunate to be able to have my mom here 'round the clock to take care of all of us! And, after much needed rest and lots of TLC, we are all doing much better. Bye, Bye stomach bug!!!

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