Bubbles and Bedtimes.


February was all about bubbles and bedtimes. As you can see by the picture, the girls had their first bubble bath. We just don't usually buy the soap with foaming bubbles, but the girls loved it! It has been an amazing bargaining chip all month. They have fun, putting them on each other's head and chin. They are so cute together … most of the time 🙂  

Tyson and I didn't make it to the Valentine's Day dance. I caught the flu after the girls had it, and ended up in the hospital for a midnight checkup. Yuck, nobody likes that. Thankfully, it was  just the flu and the baby is fine. Everybody is healthy now, and we plan to keep it that way. Valentine's Day was pretty low key this year. I was home with the girls, and we did lots of heart crafts and made some cupcakes. Telsche absolutely loved making valentines for all of her  classmates. She also loved getting valentines, and was so thrilled to have gotten so many. She even took them to bed one night.

Our second strategy is in effect to get Skyla to sleep in her big girl bed. We switched her crib back to a toddler bed, and kept her in her own room. We were preparing for the worst the first night, but were pleasantly surprised that she went right to sleep and slept her usual night. The same happened for the next four days. Sleeping for her naps, and bedtime. Then things changed. The last three nights and days have been horrible. She won't stay in her bed now, and has realized that she can wonder around. If she wakes in the night, she seems to be up for quite some time before settling again. This of course wakes Telsche up too. (BIG SIGH HERE) We are determined to make this work, and will continue through this sleepless stage.

We are celebrating Daddy's birthday in March, planning a day trip to friends' an hour's distance from us — and Mommy will be having a girls weekend away from the family.

Hope everyone is enjoying this odd winter weather. Here's hoping spring is just around the corner! 

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